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Collect a stream of premium hyper-local photo and video content from your local community. Share content with hundreds of AltWeeklies. Solve your photo and video technology problems. All provided by the AAN for its members.

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Your own
Hyper-local iReport

A stream of photo and video from your local community

Photo and video content drive your digital metrics through the roof – time-on-site, engagement, and CPMs go way up – but it’s hard to get high quality content with few resources. Now you can get it from your community.

We help you create a network of contributors that will give or sell you photo and video content. From amateurs to pros, you can start collecting premium photo and video. Can you use another 100 reporters on staff?

A private Stock Footage/Photo Site

Share photos and videos with newsweeklies around the country

The AltWeeklies Content Exchange allows all members to privately share photo and video with one another. This means when a story breaks in Washington, Colorado can have access; if something of note happens in New Orleans, Portland can also run it.

Collaborate, Share Content, Co-fund longform stories.Hyper-local publications like yours regularly run local takes of a national story (e.g. Presidential Elections/Occupy Wall Street/SOPA, etc). Now you can have a bank of media from around the country that you can use.

A new revenue stream

A new revenue stream by licensing your content nationally & globally

You may think that your hyper-local news doesn’t have a national audience, but think of the last year – was there any piece of content from your paper that went viral? Any newsworthy event that happened locally that went around the country or the world?

Chances are you have at least few, and they can be syndicated to the Washington Post, New York Times, or even the Moscow Daily. By selling licenses to just one popular story you can make between $15-50K; sell a few and you can double your editorial budget. Best of all, you don’t have to change a thing – just go out and get the best local content as usual.

Solve your video tech problems

Video and Photo are hard. We make them easy.

Working with video and photo is complicated. Trans-coding, storage, and delivery make video very difficult to embed in your daily workflow, and the few people you have that can do it, are likely busy. Don’t worry about it.

The Content Exchange does the heavy lifting for collecting and delivering high def video files – virtually any size and any format. Seamlessly deliver and ingest high-def video and photo. You worry about the editorial, we’ll help with the tech.

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